lecturer blues

the teachers in my hometown are busy standing
in the queue
around the petrol pumps
on days after blockades and landslides and territorial pissing
they have to drive as much as they have to burn the hearths back home

the teachers in a foreign land say
if the homelanders can’t stand the heat
they must get out of the kitchen
so the foreign land teachers must do the cooking and the talking
so the hometown teachers must go and stand in the queue

so the conflict continues, who got the ass to talk more
who got the right — definitely not one of them
so on and on continues the cacophony
for talking is not the solution like the gunmen’s revolution
as is this rambling 

talking is for thinking animals
what killing is for us
for fuck’s sake we can stop it
even if we are doing nothing speaking nothing
we can just nourish and perish like real wild animals



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