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Why Is Art Sometimes Like High School Teachers?

Art has several functions in our life, from social criticism to mere entertainment. Despite the diverse reasons why it exists at all, a reason stands out that shows more than the obvious, which reminds us of high school, when we take art as an artificial creation of reality. Those teenage days when angst was the primary drive behind our life, the teachers would solve all the problems, not those that we are facing today after a few years of over-rated adult lives, but those basic textbook issues that always have a formula or a law to prove them. Still, remember those days, when the teachers would solve the seemingly easier calculus problems while they would almost force us, like dictators, to solve those harder equations and alien mathematical expressions. I had sacrificed so many pen caps, biting and grinding while I was lost in the trees like Tarzan, but hardly missing the wood. 

How would art, which we have stamped together as a form of artistic creation with a high dose of social…

Root Causes

The storm, its artlessness is sickening
In a cycle, it comes with an air so cold,
Nothing could miss the inevitability;
The big trees are uprooted
And the smaller fellows lie listlessly
Drifting and swaying to the direction of the wind
On the ground, atop one another
All the tribulations lie in the root now,
So is the trial, even before declaring guilty.

Time is confusing;
Wait for more storms rough,
The world knows they are
Caught in a time warp;
With no storm ever
lately approaching
Eternal dry air
almost suffocates;

But then, would they be charged for weakness
— When the world wants only direction;
When they have been uprooted so ruth?
In the courtroom of unknown masters
and planters and loyal dogs and craps.

Messages in Bullets

Through the narrow highway
The masked messengers have created a jam
In one way they rush forward
In one way they rush backward;
On the one-way path,
One of them started yelling,
Through the veil:
‘The messages are in the bullets
We are driving around
We have no destination.
If you want to know why
The messages are in the bullets.’

When we ask them to remove their masks
They answer they cannot, why because
‘The messages are in the bullets.’

Floating in Limitless Space

I go to office and would return
Spend all the hours,
Short of words,
I come home and would leave again
Spend all the hours again,
Again am I short of words.

Obituaries of the routine
Thick and fast they fly,
And no more I notice them now
Like I would overlook kings and masters
Frivolities and absurdities.

Floating in the limitless space
This should not go on forever.

Does Destruction Always Have to Precede Development?

An article on development communication for the Progress Radical 2013 Destruction. Displacement. Development. These three things always seem to go together in many development programmes of the Third World. From a development communication perspective, however, it is quite possible to make progress without destroying life and property of the people, without displacing them. This is a holistic approach, using communication, to make development favourable for every human being from the most bottom layer of a society.
Imagine a life in the periphery of the society. Now you are evicted to be displaced to a promised area with a promised compensation. You cannot even protest because development comes before you. The authority further dictates that it is for the good of the whole. It is as if you are just an unproductive part, as if you are just living a wasted life that needs no consideration. Would you just go with the wind? Would you just cry over your helplessness? What would you do…

Cultures of Peace — Festival of the Northeast 2013

18 Jan 2013, New Delhi: The second edition of the Cultures of Peace — Festival of the Northeast begins today at the India Habitat Center. This two-day festival is dedicated to two icons from the Northeast, Irom Sharmila (1972-) and the late Indira Goswami (1942-2011). It is organised by Zubaan, in collaboration with Khublei and Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

This evening, the festival kick started with a session on The Peripheral Centre, a lecture themed on The Northeast Identity - Then and Now. Patricia Mukhim, the editor of the Shillong Times, moderated the session and the guest speakers included Ganesh Devy, Kishalay Bhatacharjee, Sanjoy Hazarika and Temsula Ao. A musical performances by Ridah Gatphoh and the Musical Folks from Shillong and Rewben Mashangva and Group from Manipur followed the talk. There are more programmes coming up tomorrow.

(Rewben Mashangva performs with two old-timers, Vikram Chongtham and Ringo Golmei.)

The Peripheral Position

We have two identities when we are sobe…

Are You a Whimsical Nut?

I might be writing. I might as well be smoking.

When you know you have to complete a job that would hardly take five minutes, all you tend to do is keep checking the Facebook updates, while you worry about the emails?   
Whims and fancies
A little while ago, I was unpacking my winter stuffs. Suddenly it occurred to me that I should see what impulsive behavior is all about, on the literature available on the internet.

How do the teachers and their tribes define it on textbooks? So, I’m here on my desk, back again after ignoring the initial desire to put something on YouTube, now unconcerned with the couple of half-opened bags and winter clothes lying all around the room. This and the one half-finished cigarette on the ashtray and the other one on the cupboard are evidently showing a glaring characteristic that I am made of.

On hindsight, I know impulsive behaviour affects my daily life and that it is the cause of habits like smoking.

Now I consider it is a negative behavior but tomor…

AFSPA: A Response from the Theatre of the Absurd

The AFSPA, by its form and in its application, violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (the ‘UDHR’), the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (the ‘ICCPR’), the Convention Against Torture, the UN Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials, the UN Body of Principles for Protection of All Persons Under any form of Detention, and the UN Principles on Effective Prevention and Investigation of Extra-legal and summary executions.

— From the Armed Forces Special Powers Act: A Study in National Security Tyranny by South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre;

Despite a Supreme Court directive to scrap the controversial Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, hardly there has been any change on the ground. It was during mid-1990s that the court made the judgment. Talking about duration, for more than five decades, the state is using this draconian act to suppress the people under the cloak of fighting insurgenc…

Winter Haiku

It's nice to play with words.

The temperature is hovering around 1º and 2ºC. For the first time I saw last evening, the temperature dropped to -2ºC in my hometown. Never before have I seen the mercury going negative.

Take the most out of the cold season and write the haiku. The only thing I'm missing are those foggy nights when I feel like soaring in the sky, while walking down the street.

Original haiku are written in relation to the seasons and natural images. The Japanese perfected this verse form, but I always love to add my personal touch by scribbling haiku on any theme, which I get under the sun. This particular set on winter reminds me the connotation of season that the Japanese haiku masters used to have in their works.

Haiku collection on this blog
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Do we…

On Feeling Nationless, On Seeing the Meaninglessness

You give me your name written on a cow
You can take away
Wrapped in boxes of poop
All the motherland feelings;
I would endure them, for that name

You give me a name
Now you can take it
It is written all over
—My university degrees
My school certificates,
You can take them
All the meanings in it,
And leave me meaningless;

And I could vanish into my own shadows
And I would not complain
And I would not resist;

I’m used to giving you my unwilling attention
I’m used to take your words, so senseless;
Now take everything you need,
Take away the name,
Take everything away

I know the other patriots,
They are mushrooming in my backyard
With guns that spell as revolution in boxes of more poop
I would start a revolution to erase the boundaries
I would bury your love for your land, deep down the land

When I give you, my right and you show me your might
I had believed you would not kill me
And here I am, alive, yet
Nothing is different from death;

In the bareness

Eternal Truth Is Always on the Other Side of the Unreachable River Bank

This world is damned,

The sides, the left and the right riverbanks
They lie helplessly, hopelessly;
In as much as we need breath
So is the air of truth,
As much as it lacks that leads to suffocation
We are trying to find a grain of sand
Evn’ in desert it is always impossible
—and truth is, it is,
on the other side of the unreachable river bank;

And the twist in the tale
In as much as the paucity is there, of truth;
Oppositely widespread are the lies,
We need no more of it
We need it no more in our existence;
That’s how the lies will stop
The truth will triumph
Whichever side
Whichever direction of the riverbank
We will clothe the naked truth
For long it has been stripped and molested;
Not anymore.

Sunday Motion Graphic Premiere: Richard Feynman and Carl Sagan

What a pleasant Sunday morning! The weather is bit chilly; but when you are wearing two socks, two pants and an uncountable number of woolen shirts, let the avalanche come — to hell with it. Blow evn’ ya, thou winter wind.

And now two scientists are going to further stir up the moment. Richard Feynman (1918–1988), from the US west was Sheldon Cooper’s oja and Carl Sagan (1934 –1996), the all-rounder from US east, were both legends who equally contributed an ocean of knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

Both of them as well shared a a peculiar thing. They had produced gravitation-defying, minimal paragraphs that changed our thinking for good. Their views have been creatively visualised in these Vimeo videos embedded below.

Texts from and Wikipedia
Videos from Vimeo
Images from Wikipedia

   Richard Feynman: Ode to a flower   

Richard Feynman, in The Pleasure of Finding …

New Year Rants

Happy new year, guys!

I'm naturally a slow man, so never mind the three loooong days that had passed by. Before I start posting the rants and rambles on this blog, I decided I should put some of the things in order. First thing first.

I came running back home yesterday evening, seeing that we can split the header of the blog into two or three parts. I never knew it despite preferring to customise this blog template as much as I can. I spent nearly four hours tweaking the parts, until I got this head.  My impulsiveness is amazing. I had used Copper Black font the entire session, then I changed it into Calibri in the last minute. (A day later I have changed the entire layout again!)

Designing is quite a nice hobby. I have never learnt it formally but I can flaunt my love for it. Even quality comes after the desire to design. If you have instincts to create and recreate or have a love for words, I would suggest you should blog too. Get the MS Word always ready. Make a short cut for N…


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