On Leaf, Off Season

The leaf has shed for the new year
The spring’s due, but it’s no excuse
In the e’er moving surroundings
It’s always hard to find a spot

Mortality shows sympathy
All’s well until we come open
Kill for a country; that’s no wrong
And die as well and it’s so well

The leaf has shed for the new year
No killing, no dying would count

And it depends on no autumn
And us we are dependent
The line’s twisted as we are torn
So apart it is right in front

Living and making a living
And there’s no time to keep tabs on
The killers, the looters in us
And new year is just too hopeless

Clearly a stale meat’s more useful
Even if it’s just relative

The leaf sheds, for it is what it is
Yet we can’t cannot ignore it
And it depends on no winter
And no summer makes it complete.

On Leaf, Off Season



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