One Hundred Ways to Be Good

outside the only thing they want us is to be good
we are just too good, do the best we could
but when we go back home the world tempers
the smacking of goodness blurs
the parents are only interested in goodness
but what we search is beyond goodness, it is artless
talkative fathers have a thousand reasons:
the future is on us and the time only runs
and wake up before the world awakes
and what we can afford is only the occasional breaks;

and do this and that and this again and that again
it’s how in important functions we become chairmen
in the issues of the land
in the future of our self-made brand
but old man, we are just too high to listen to you
we are getting more than we can chew

so excuse the mothers too, all the mothers
we are better without the useless wisdom that slurs
what you can see in the morn is what we do the night
and the night is what we do in light, bite by bite
what you tell is too little but nothing we’ve against you
but we pity the time you lose in giving us a clue
the road to heaven is longer
we are neither interested to go to hell the way shorter

and so does one by one them we meet unasked
the hundred ways to be good we heard, it’s our task
maybe we should start but after finishing this joint
maybe what was missed before, we can do; maybe, at gunpoint
It is frightening and aging
Too much for the universe to home we plan to bring.



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