so I arrive here

i have come a long way from home
the bondage of home it has ever hard
in truth, recollection’s the only thing i have
memories have become the heaviest chain
and all my lives i have lived only in the heart
with those shackles and chains and fetters
there’s no place to turn to
the path oscillates between crimson and darkness
and seemingly there is more in life i can do
and so i arrive here

i had imagined, i had only imagined
i imagined about tall buildings
i imagined about the pastures so verdant
i imagined about the master of the masters
i imagined about love
i imagined about happiness
i imagined about good life
i imagined about us
i imagined about them
i imagined about you and i

so now when I arrive here
i started with a foreign fuck
what i imagined was not what i saw
what i saw was not what the things were
and the world is made of cold concrete
and the pastures are so deceptively dry
and i have been told to shit and make manure
and the masters are no different but their noses & eyes
and love has disappeared in daily painful gaze
and happiness has lost in the kerfuffle
and good lives are compared with bank accounts
and the people are shorter, they are made of stupidities
and the beauty is etched only in monuments built aeons ago
and i did arrive here when the moon was warm
and now even the sun had lost its sultriness
and i’m ready to die for you don’t like me

your lip service has enveloped all the narrow alleys
at my home you only kill and away you kill and harm
now there’s no way home
i have lost the direction
and now don’t try to kill me for asking you a favour
i might be in the mood to murder
just like that just like you do
and i will start from the top from your flag
and you will not find me
i’m already homeless and i’ve no face
and so i have arrived here.



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