An Ode to the Great Nation

Military columns march in unison
Bagpipers and national songs in conjunction
And billions of people cry
The echoes of chest thumping ring dry
No machine gun, no howitzer would rival
As each file accentuates the orgy of ultimate love so artful
Between the brothers and sisters of a nation,
Nobody admits it though — that could be an incest definition.

The long forgotten national anthem rises its tempo,
To the peak its 52-second long climax grow
No matter that it was written for a foreign emperor
Now in the new kingdom we prosper 
As the zillion salutations shame the ungracious lots  
That’s all we need!
For we can live on his benevolence and his creed.

I cannot see beyond one such expression
The boundary created by fathers and mothers of the nation
It’s just not consummate,
And the length and breath of the flag await;
I’m obsessed with its purity
I cannot be a friend with someone who uses it overly
Like sex workers carrying condoms latexed in a Chinese sweatshop
— The country is supreme; that we can see clearly from atop
I’d write in blood, its supremacy.



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