In the Name of Freedom

The beginning ended a long, long time ago; the scum remains
When the flag was hoisted on a shaky ground
While in the name of future generation
Some patriots started revolution
And now the independence day is a day of general strike
More evident in Januarys and Augusts

In the name of freedom
I took a dump outside the authority’s building
Everything is permissible
I only found no water

In the name of freedom
My neighbour has built a mansion
He is a lineman with the face of a gigolo
He is a millionaire as well — he is

In the name of freedom
A lady in the locality goes around
With a purse full of condoms
Independence is another name for whorehouse

In the name of freedom
We have learned to believe all’s well
Even when the rebels hurl grenades
We wag our tail seeing them the so familiar shitpacks in our courtyards

In the name of freedom
I have rhymed army, whisky and country
But like the most patriotic armymen, and their shits and nuisance
The whisky shop opens only after 12 midnoon the liver e’en knows not

In the name of freedom
We have to tell our story from Shah Jahan
Through how Mumtaz died from oversex
While our forefathers never knew the fuck

In the name of freedom
The peddlers stray with his stuffs
And the policemen are in disguise
Looking for cocks and cunts amidst the stuffs

In the name of freedom
We went to schools and colleges
And become a manufactured product
The only difference with a toilet cleaner is we breath

In the name of freedom
Bombs and bullets have built their houses
We are not allowed in
We are even told when passing by, we should look away

In the name of freedom
The government indulges in daylight robbery
The authority, amongst its ilk, indulges in orgy
Never do they see the craps scatter around their places

In the name of freedom
No one’s got to lose and no one’s got to hurt
Yet the condition is no differnt from 1800s & 1900s
Time travel to 2100s in the name of freedom.

PS: In the name of freedom, the people are out in the street fucking with their own conscience. In the hills. In the mountains. In the valley. Freedom is inside the houses overdosed. Naloxone is the supreme god of freedom. Gun is the goddess.  



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