1/2 Uninvited Design: Manipuri Digital Films

Spoiler Alert The film titles/references are randomly taken from YouTube. I’m not related to any of the movies listed here. The posters are created solely based on the film title. Some titles have been intentionally tweaked to make sense. For instance, Echasa Epa Lamboirage, when transliterated means Sons, Me, Your Father, Is Becoming a Monk but I have tried to rhyme it with the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by an Indin author. Similarly for Hoo Chaage, which means I Want to Take Poison, has been shortened to just Poison.

My favourite Manipuri films are on two levels: Mami Sami, Nongallabasu Thaballei Manam, the aesthetically good films on one; and Nobap, Beraagi Bomb, Phijigi Mani, the ones which can be passed off as good films on another. However in 99% of the cases, just like the Bollywood musical melodramas, I cannot tolerate these digital films beyond 10 minutes, a very short time but long enough to burn my soul! No wonder, once a film critic explained that mediocrity is ailing the Manipuri cinema. 



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