An Open Letter to KSO, ANSAM and Other Highway Blockade Sponsors

Image: Centre for Organisation Research and Education (CORE) Manipur

Dear Kuki Students’ Organisation and All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur, and all the bastards and highway blockers,

If we were to give you a ‘lupa-5’ coin for every highway blockade, you would have been a millionaire now. Never mind it. I’m writing to you just to say ‘hi’. What’s up, motherfuckers?

So, you are back in the news again and I want to exchange some pleasantries. That’s it. I know nothing about the highway blockade that you have announced yesterday but your lack of sense and conscience is amazing. I used to believe I have a magic when I transform into one of those zombies, who pay exorbitant prices for basic daily needs and feeds and queue up in petrol pumps around the valley every time some idiots impose blockades on the highways, but you beat me.

First of all, please don’t play your victim card and start blaming everything on the valley for your wretched lives. I know the feeling because we always blame Ibobi and New Delhi for our wretched lives. As one man to another, let me tell you it is useless. Get your act together, you cockass. I’m also tired of the grief and wails in my neighbourhood. There have been too much blood, bullets and bombs though you might believe we get only rubber bullets in our asses and that you get real bullets in your overbearing hearts. Go, get out with that shit.

And ANSAM, what the hell is wrong with your name? You got Manipur in it and all you cry is for Nagalim. I got nothing against Muivah; I got nothing against your overt role as a frontal group, I swear to Jesus fucking Christ; but your assholeness really beats India’s claim as the largest democracy in the world. Please don’t do like that…better be an ANSAN. Or maybe, simply an ANSA. Don’t be a pussy; go ahead like a lord just like you are on those fucking highways and get a new name for yourself. Be like the Naga Students’ Federation.

In that five-currency coin shitty joke, if KSO becomes a millionaire you would have been a billionaire. It’s been too many a time. Still, you never learn that you are not going to get your demands by making lives unnecessarily miserable for the public all because of the fact that you cannot make the fucking authority do what you want it to do for you. You never learn that for all your effort, while the one and only result is that we are reminded of the necessity of Jiri highway. Yet the public memory is too short; we forget about it as soon as you lift the blockade.

That’s why I have started doubting whether you fucking morons, who are supposed to be reading your books and going to schools and colleges, are in cahoots with the black marketers and hoarders. Is it so or you are just too stupid to understand it? I don’t know why you are coming out for ‘downtrodden’ teachers this time but it makes me laughing. All the teachers are hopeless. The best thing they can teach you is to go fuck yourself. That is their best and ours is to pack all of them up in a rocket and send them off to some Uranus or Neptune or whatever those science things or places are.

So, why? Street politics? Too much time to squander like me? A fucking campaign for some fuckedup political mobilisation? A pressure tactic? Man, that is lame but you are too complex. I give up. But the word on the street is that you guys had started using these highways—like your father had built them—after the bloody Meiteis, yes, us, fucked the Bangkok gangbang plan between NSCN IM and the Government of India in ’97. Just saying.

I was in school but I remember half a million people coming out in the street to protest against that debauchery. No wonder our interference in the great Lim dream and Alternative Fucking Agreement has been always quite a headache for you. And the shit is spilling all over. Now you have an economic blockade for the interests of ‘downtrodden’ teachers. You have a great sense of humour.

Experts on highways, politics, ethnicity and all sorts of those damn things say what you are doing is ‘parochial politics’, ‘exclusivist’, ‘intolerant’, ‘illegal’ and what not. To me what you are doing is tickling my ass and it is not funny at all. At the end of the day, what you are doing is yielding to the divide-and-rule policies of the motherfucking government. 

Let me tell you one more thing. What you are preaching is all a result of new realisation of modern concept of state and shits like that, and what we preach is things about a flow of history—not unique, not special, nothing like that—but deduced from a plain, simple narrative of a civilisational history in black and white. Apparently we don’t like each others’ interpretations so the best thing would be making a middle ground.

Take all the hill districts. Take Naga ‘turen’ and Nagamapal from the heart of Imphal, because they have ‘Naga’ in them. But let’s make a middle ground first and for the sake of Joseph’s divine cock, stop using these highways, again, as if your father has built them, just to torture the general public. Even the Nazis did not block medical supplies in the World War, the WORLD War. But you do, because you are a motherfucker and everyone knows it.


PS: Let me share an anecdote from a high school moral science book. A teacher asks little Guite: “The Nagas and Kukis would kill each other. That’s sad, my dear boy. We should support each other. How do we support each other?” Little Guite: “Sponsor an economic blockade together.”

Copy to:

Kuki Students’ Organisation (KSO GHQ)
All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur (ANSAM)
Sadar Hills Districthood Demand Committee (SHDDC)
United Naga Council (UNC)
Naga Hoho



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