gprs blues

the longitude is identified error-free
the latitude too similarly
all’s invisible like a god but it’s there
and i heard of it everywhere
the land of jewel
its longitude is marked precisely
its latitude too similarly
but i have reached a shithole
science makes mistake it cannot control
albeit it shouldn’t repeat
and i heard of it everywhere
the land of a bird that a-poop a golden egg
nevermind the longitude playing mumblety-peg
and all i find is a giant poop of nothingness
science repeats mistake creating all the fuss
and i heard of it everywhere
where jills and hen and bitches and tigresses
they walk with their heads held high
yet nothing exists except all it offers is to get high
and i have reached a party house
it’s not really ‘the’ house, it’s merely a ‘high’ house
where the jills and hen and bitches and tigresses brag
all i see is andro from a huge transparent bag
science is learning nothing
i heard of it everywhere—but it’s so fleeting
my destination is supposed to be the land of headmen
yet i’m over the now-unknown longitudes again
when i was supposed to heading home last time
i had reached a brothel that rhymes with grime
the land is of headless living beings and their gobbledygook
now the gprs has as well been hurled down the steep brook
making its ways through a hideous borderland
and i’m lost in the middle of this hinterland



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