Octagonal Monologue: Absurdity, Thy Name Is Mother Bem

Mother Bem, where do you come from?
Tell me where you are heading to
Don’t step back, you can hardly see
The past has gone beyond your sight
No, you cannot; impossible.
For an indication, see where
You’re five or six minutes ago
Those would never come back again;
Mother Bem, don’t dare take a leap
You cannot see what lies in those
Unseen suns, those yet to arise
Well, you’re not even that fella
Salam Solomon the scientist;
Don’t you really know, Mother Bem?

Mother Bem, why should your people
Keep fucking up each others’ lives
In your name, yes, all in your name?
Why should puppets govern the land?
Why should robbers arrest the thieves?
Why should ringmasters block the streets?
Why should school kids fight with police?
Gun-wielding hooligans galore
The government name them the police
Mother Bem, why are you so quiet?
So silent like the government?
Already I’ve taken the oath
A fatherland means nought, nothing
A land divided by beliefs—
To hell with truth; the truth be damned;
—By those imaginary lines
By those dubious people like
Nehru and Patel; Mother Bem
Do you even know these dead men?

Nothing for you is true to me
Where do you come from, Mother Bem?
Now which way are you going to?
It almost kills me: your people
Preaching about peace and respect
And about love and about all,
Mother Bem, can you even make love?

Let me be the most violent man
The most disrespectful person;
Now I’ve nothing to do with you.

Gif image courtesy: The Daily Task /



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