on living and dead skeletons

my hometown is haunted
yet it’s no more the rice
those that poured on tin roofs
those that my uncles heard
in their cursed history

ignore the witches now
ignore all the shamans
ignore the tamnalais
ignore all the hellois
ignore the magicians

living skeletons roam around the town
a neighbour says he has seen one of them
of one of his friends the army had nabbed
sans rhyme or reason ten years ago
he says it was blabbering about life

walking by a dead school-turned-police camp
last night i saw an orgy of the death
i wish i had taken the usual route
but they frisk like we’re always a suspect
do unusual routes imply sex shows?

it’s a crime to live in this bloody town
see the worst debauchery and orgies
it’s more sordid than b-grade horror flicks
at home i heard about another one
people saw it at a place called seijang

today at sekmai, there i’d only care
what anybody would care about there
a few drinks; a toast to this life of death
and come back home fine but at koirengei
the locals had found a dead skeleton



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