In Pursuit of Colours

Several colour scheme designers are available online for choosing colour combinations of a graphic design. Right here, we have a solution from one of the most unexpected source: the national flags of the countries across the globe. By default, government and design are like mules and molecules, completely separated from each other. This has given rise to a term that I love to describe a design that I hate: a government design.

A government design can be defined as, in terms of the web those gaudy design of the 90s website that are used till today, in terms of the colours the bright and eye-sore primary colours, and in terms of posters those which consist of five different font in as many lines. Unsurprisingly, here we have a list consisting of 237 colour combinations from the flags of nations and their dependencies with primary colours. We cannot blame them though, because they are busy working for their nations. 

From the online images, I have used the Color Picker on Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 and for my design, the first thing I’d do is to reduce the saturation point in each combination. There are several colour scheme websites but those are not enough.

Colour Scheme Designer
Adobe Color CC

In fact, ‘enough’ does not include in the dictionary of a colour lover. Even a person who believes in anarchism and antiestablishment has been collecting colour options from the national flags. Never say never. Meanwhile, red is considered as the most patriotic colour. Of course, it perfectly suits with jingoism and passion. You can see it is present in each row of colours below.



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