Meitei Mayek Typography: Geometreeyek

After a successful loss of a previous font design and its entire source file folder in a CPU crash, a new Meitei Mayek font is on the way. Based on simple geometric lines and a minimal style, Geometreeyek has a clean design with emphasis for use in both print and the web. The name is derived from Geometry and a Meiteilon term eeyek that stands for alphabet letters. Here are the original 18 letters the eeyek eepi or primary letters.The following images contains no lom eeyek or lonsoom eeyek. Besides, the vowel sign or cheitap eeyek, the digits or number or cheising eeyek and punctuation marks or khutam eeyek are also excluded from this graphic series.

In eeyek eepee, except for the last letter atiya, which stands for sky or heaven, the name of all the letters are derived from different body parts or elements:

kok         head    
sam         hair    
lai         forehead    
mit         eye    
pa         eyelash    
na         ear
chil         lips    
til         saliva    
khou         throat    
ngou         pharynx    
thou         chest    
wai         navel
yang         backbone    
huk         lower spine    
un         skin    
ee         blood    
pham         placenta    
atiya         sky

An upcoming graphic series related to Roman Meitei Mayek:



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