Getting rid of negativism

Of Pain, Torture and Agony

When you lost everything, you can lose any more.
When the tears could be hidden no more,
And when life becomes but a fucking piece of shit,
And when life could not bear the searing heat,
That's when you want to fuck off away,
To fuck off from this fucking illusion of dismay.
For nothing is real, but the Real and the moment still
Yet this fucking pain I still feel.

Amamba Ahangba

Khallak-tene nongmata punsigi panthungfam
Ngeihak-ki nungaibana oiragadra punsise
Taibangsu mamsinkhare nisagi marumda
Wakhalsu ahangba-lakta kangaona-duna leikhare

Chatli ngasisu eina lambisida
Amamba ahangba mayamsigi marak-ta
Tasengna pellaktare eibu mayamse
Amamba ahangba mayamsigi marak-ta

Awabani awaba awabagi awaba
Wabu wabara ahangba-lakta elibabu
Amamba maraksida udare karisu
Wakhal-sinabu penthokpa yaragadra punsise

Nanglak-liba ekaibasing, awabagi cheithengsing
Tasengna khallaroidra eibu mayamse
Khallabasu amamba ahangba-lakta tinkhare
Lammuknare eihakse amamba ahangbalaksida

These lyrics were penned in May 2005. There was a time when negativism rules the roost, wrecking my conscience and making my life go astray. Life has changed in the hiatus between then and now; I consider myself a lot more mature and I don't waste my time and energy on trifles anymore. Simultaneously, the hard work I have put in into changing my inclination towards life has reaped fruits. I'm awakened, taking on life as it comes. And I love it.



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