Weekend Box Office

The five things that I love doing on weekends...

Should we work hard on weekdays, and party harder on weekends? Living in a corporate world makes you wonder if life is all about waiting for Saturdays and Sundays. Five years down the line, the notion might change — for that makes seven years of work experience for me, I'll have climbed the ladder in job post and hopefully, I'll earn more. And now? I'm just trying to differentiate, my needs and wants. You slog it out ten hours a day with just enough salary, and that only makes you swear at your organisation and your boss, specifically.

But I do love my two-days' off each week. I'm not even in favour of taking leaves on weekdays. Maybe I'm being conditioned like a machine that works at regular intervals, churning out the same shits day in and day out. Anyway, what is more fun than doing the things you love in your free time. Here's my take.

NUMBER ONE Hit the bottle
Last Sunday, I celebrated my birthday and came back home, creeping like a spiderman. I had to take help from any thing that would balanced my walk and I puked. I puked so much that my throat is still burning. I started drinking on Friday and the orgy continued in the name of celebration. Like I always feel when I passes out, I realised that I didn't need to drink so much. Yet this is not the kind of drinking I prefer on weekends. Ideally, get some pork from Kotla, called up Abhishek, Lenon and Boney, and have a toast. Theeena nungaire adudi! 

NUMBER TWO Playing guitar
I can strike the right chord on weekends with my O-Ded [that's my rocking semi-acoustic guitar.] Play the études, the easy songs and the melodies... I wish to learn classical music and have got the printouts of numerous tabs. First, I need to take O-Ded back from Anju, to whom I had kept it when I shifted my room a week ago. 

Reading is to our mind, what exercise is to the body. Agreed. I read for pleasure. I read to kill time. And I read to learn. My latest buy includes Drinking Den [Zola], The Great Gatsby [FS Fitzgerald] and Utopia [Thomas More.] I got them from Nehru Place last Saturday. I heard another book fair is starting at Pragati Maidan from this 30th. So it's gonna be a great reading month!

NUMBER FOUR Hanging out with friends
One of the best things to do on weekends is to go out with friends and roam around... Some of our favourite dens include the community centre [in New Friends Colony], Dilli Haat, CP and of course, the rooms/flats where our lovely friends haven't got their girlfriends. 
PS: I don't held any grudge against them, but we cannot scratch where it itch when they are around. Sometimes, it is fun when when they give us company.

NUMBER FIVE Bask in the sun
It is often a pleasure to sit or walk and do nothing. Simply, bask in the sun and if it is plain boring, listen to some foot-stomping music, get a book or tune the guitar and strum along. I also like collecting scraps — anything from ATM receipts to cinema tickets. Get them sorted. Dump those which are crinkled a lot. Or I would just treat myself with a delicacy. What's more fun than enjoying the holidays on weekends?




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