The bright light I see in the distance

Gloomy, ever the things are unfortunately
Answers if we can find now will be so timely
But here we are in these nights of fighting
These nights of avarice, these nights of killing.

This obscurity, all the same, is only too long
There will be a dawn after the night, no matter if it is prolong
Wanted: the guiding powers of consciousness
Come on, it can be anyone’s business.

No more the mind, however, will be in manacle
As more thoughts find their orifice from the dark debacle
Of masters, confrontation, group, and blindness and what not
To free expression and valour, which now our lives denote.

As I get ready to make merry of the night’s impending death
I see the bright light in the horizon.
The joy that we had when we found the thabal chongfam
Oh! Those tube-light, you remember that were seen from afar.

Of these nights that keep tolling its dark hours
We would howl, “Celebrate, rejoice for one day these will be over,
And those fresh imagination, those cheerful mornings of ours,
Of new ideas and freedom and happiness will be delivered.”

The light I see in the distance as I earnestly wait for the night’s impending death



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