Recreation of the World

There's nothing you can know that isn't known.
    John Lennon   

Before the popularisation of blogging in the late Nineties, the world had seen several forms of writing. I had used Yahoo Messenger, mIRC and Orkut when Facebook arrived on the scene to make them look stupid. The postal service had a long history that when compared, it is an old man of one hundred years, to Email and Gmail that are new-born babies. So the question is whether our world is a laboratory for recreation.
In retrospection, the world is seemingly whirling around a circle, albeit without a deliberation on its origin and reason. I have welcomed these ideas as, in addition to the above areas in communication technology, we have also been coming across new forms and shapes of any entity so often. It is not essential that it was created ‘originally’ and that it was made for the first time. To make the idea animate, it is initially hatched from experience, it is nurtured, and it grows to sustain itself. Citing another example, the Maruti car is quite popular — even a middle-class family can afford it — however undoubtedly, any new car model in its showroom had been redeveloped from an existing technology.
So hopefully, I can now state that we are made up of recreation and things that have been redeveloped. Any technological innovation, revolutionary socio-political thoughts, a new artistic and literary form or that unfamiliar thinking is created from perceptibly the best precursor(s). Remember what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said about originality:

The most original of authors are not so because they advance what is new, but more because they know how to say something, as if it had never been said before.’

In this regard, I remembered a friend who offered me a lesson on Hindu religion. He said that we cannot think about things, which don’t exist. He did not specify the places of ‘existence’ but he had expressed what he intended, that God exists. I am an atheist and it is unamusing to talk about faith and sect, but I do admit that I like his idea about consciousness: you cannot think about what is not there.
Someone would just impulsively gab: think out of the box. Right and my statement can now be compared to a musical composition. What Michael Angelo Batio has been improving on the technique of a solid guitar is quite different from Bach's baroque compositions and similarly, how Tapta pens his thoughts is unlike what the duet of Pahari-B Jayentakumar Sharma had devised; despite these, their music comprised the same notes, though in different variations. You know it: but they are in a class of their own.
It matters how we become conscious of things around us. There are no set rules of law to recreate things. We need fresh ideas on how we make a pattern to create them without the rules. Blogging is also writing; what we used to do on a piece of paper, now we simply type it on a screen using keys. At long last, what it counts is how we write the piece, literally with a fresh pair of eyes and ears plus lucid visualisation of the object. Fortunately, it does not depend on the medium where you write. The consciousness, the understanding and the power to create these are the essence of recreation.




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