Masthead models

Of late, there have been problems in uploading the images. The Blogger says it's a 'known issue', whatever it means. Regarding the images, we were asked to use the old featureless setting. But I'm glad it has been fixed and I can upload them today using the upgraded Editor. What's more interesting is that I can access the new Design option now. There are some interesting templates and layouts -- with several tools to customise the pages -- that are making me impatient. I want to try each one of them! Well, I'd rather maintain some consistency than using my blog like a rough book. |But as I was scribbling this post, I have altered the masthead around ten times and the layout/template/customisation twice as much... :| And here's some of the latest presentations!

I found the more portrait an image is, the better and proportionately, it sits on the page. The above elongated image covers the entire portion of the page when used as a masthead, while the same version shown below -- with a fatter bottom -- cannot take the entire length. If we enlarge the image size to fit it in, then it will almost cover a whole window.

These images are of similar size and resolution. All you need is Adobe Photoshop, or a pagemaking software like Quark Xpress and Adobe InDesign, to play them around so that they fuse seamlessly with the page.

Start now: think about a theme, make an illustration, apply some effects and lo, it is ready.

17 Sep 2013

This blog is about searching the ideals, sharpening the ability to choose, and finding the ways to create a map of my expression. I want to conceive without any order, while depending on my power of creation to write essays and features plus to experiment with my graphic designing skill. I can also find the way to Freedom and discover the essence of my existence.

The previous masthead that I had been using for the last two years [right]



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