News news news

Why do we have to keep complaining about the mainstream media ignoring the frontier areas? there's no business out there -- well, from the profit point of view -- it is simple as that! and who on hell would sacrifice his ass and print some stories on thugs boycotting their independence day celebration?

on the other hand, we see very day, every faggots every bastards every fucking individual, conforming to the social mores; bloody assholes, you pay 15 lacs for a mere fucking government job that eventually leads you to kill people, while the supervisors lie naked happily and satisfactorily by their mistresses' side?

why do you fucking complain we have no space, that they don't provide us rooms. it's only us who can decide our future...

when the gunmen killed the old timer
when the mercenaries loot the exchequer
when the nationalists do the land a favour
when protest becomes the occupation of the teacher and the doctor and the engineer and the student and every commoner
when passion is found only in blood and drugs and in the activities of the executioner and the trickster

these are not news, my friend, these are
but the ordeal of the people of a forlorn land
where the bullets fly faster than gossips in the page 3 columns
where calamity and uprising are printed larger than the lead story
the news of the barons, they say -- second to none

come on, every tomba
come on, every chaoba
the news is business
tell me what the fuck do you have to tell a tale about?



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