Better to be an animal than a man, an insect than an animal, a plant than an insect, and so on. Salvation? Whatever diminishes the kingdom of consciousness and compromises its supremacy.
E. M. Cioran—The Trouble with Being Born

Darkness, I saw
Contradiction, isn’t it—
Seeing the darkness?
We called it the law
Of bondage, of a society
To bind us
To make us social
To let us know
We are fucking human beings.
This gloominess,
It stands for our time:
When we sacrifice for it
When we earn from it,
And we excrete our wildness
For we have to live
In this cosmic ghetto
We called it the humanity.

For the sake of vying
For the sake of killing
For the sake of earning
For the sake of living.

What else we have
For when we leave
We will be only dust.


Absurdity is written large on humanity. We have suffering and we find the cause in fighting against them. But people still live a wretched life, the oppressors stay on, the rebels persist in and the people are earning from this too. A hell of contradiction! Does this mean the whole process of facing the reality randomly and then challenging the injustice/illogicality is a part of our existence? Perhaps we are a hopeful animal. Am I being biased here?

Let me tell you with an example: there are plenty of human rights organisations but the violation of rights continues unabated. It is with the belief that the activists, if they fight for the oppressed, there would be some solution. But in this darkness, I’m afraid I don’t see any . . . This does not mean that the fighters should call it a day—neither I’m their fuckfaced authority to insist—yet it’s like the purposes of life are fulfilled according to each perception, each sense of purpose in life. Isn’t it so funny at times . . . even in this darkness?

Life has no meaning at all. It’s merely the purposes we seek in it. Sadus’ Certain Death sums up the mood succinctly—

There is no Perplexity
End of Life's Expectancy
Stripped of Life's Vitality
Certain Death.


. . . Just found while surfing that it is the will to power that I have been referring to.

Wikipedia mentions

The will to power (German: der Wille zur Macht) is a prominent concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. The will to power describes what Nietzsche believed to be the main driving force in man; achievement, ambition, the striving to reach the highest possible position in life; these are all manifestations of the will to power.
Nietzsche wrote the world is the will to power—and nothing besides!"

So, the silver lining is that it's not sheer darkness that engulfs us. 

Our will to power fuels our existence in this inexplicable engine of the universe.



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