Of the misanthrope

    As I walked across the street
    Towards the target area my legs wobbled
    Yet I knew I have to shoot
    Clenched fist inside the pocket
    Sad memories on the mind
    Angry clouds across the neighbourhood
    While the metal bruised my groin
    And penalty or impunity didn’t count
    I took my weapon out
    Loaded with secret mystical powers
    And I fired point blank
    And I fired one thousand times
    Through the unfeeling hearts
    Through the unthinking heads
    Through the untouchable bodies
    of pain of violence of injustice
    of blood of bullets of bombs
    of dishonesty of greed of unholy desires
    of a fucking society of fucked-up people
    of government of authority
    of money launderers of land dealers
    of religion of tradition of convention
    And I felt like the ibises
    Near Langol I had seen them
    As pure white as they can be
    Against the blue and green mountains
    I felt like them I felt so happy
    For the unwanted are no more
    And I wrote an obituary for the scums
    And the papers I shred them and set them ablaze



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