Eager soul, eager dreams

Deep inside my heart, I carry along
A load I wish to see in the open
The desires that one can fill lifelong

Of living in peace,
where truth and justice are written
In the mind and spirit,
and in the air we breathe
In times we spend, in love we make
In people we meet,
 in all-round views we enjoy
In the societies we live,
on the road we walk
And on the journeys of life we have taken.

Aah! If that be, I would live and I would die
Caring not a thing in our world
And no more I would vie
For ways to clear my conscience
The shadows if they ever are the dreams itself
I would not mind dreaming on.

For I believe
when I got up
I can rely upon
The fresh mornings of glory
that would be awaiting itself
And the efforts to make things right
I would not mind showing all my might
For it is the essence,
and these words I would ever recite.

This lyric was inspired by one of  N a t h a n i e l   H a w t h o r n e  quotes: 



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