Money: Different perceptions

When we were children, we saw our future,when we were told we would walk, our heads held high
when we could feather our own nest
when we would become Man.

Now my neighbour, a man of prosperity
the notes he always counts them attentively
he says, in the wealth lies the felicity
and so does he counts on happily
and hides behind his safe for security.

And an electricity-maker, the richest man of our town,
he tells us money grows on trees and he has a plant
He don't mind how many people were fucked
when he planted the tree of Postmodern Tech
From them he picks up his succulent fruits
Life was written on papers.

But not necessarily
Pointed out one of the eggheads, who also lives nearby
A professor who teaches the Evolution of Mankind,
he says papers are meant for writing and printing
That money should be made in coins to stop forgery
'With money I get my books,' he fences,
'With money I travel to my seminars,
'With money I feed my family,
'But money alone, it does not prove happiness.'
And I agreed: Bacon's Idol of the Tribe it is
That deceptive thing
and superficial those emotions are
those happy feelings that come smiling
brimming with pride and prestige from the bank.

And we saw there is more money
in the house of people with wooden smile
And every day it has become a struggle
for my family--and ever we get sympathy
how we feed ourselves when there are bandhs,
We are now fed up of unasked love.

The wind is blowing
carrying the message there are more weight
we can find when we have smiling people at the bank
than in describing the elation of finding
some sweat-measured tokens or the dejection
of not having enough.
The world is not enough with no money
Money is enough with the world.



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