The new blogs on the block

I'm breathing, eating, walking, talking and dreaming blogs for the past few days. I have been always looking for ways to improve on my blogs. There are a couple of new blogs on and have found a gem the day before yesterday., this is my latest crush. But I'm hesitating too — not without reason, though — after creating seven blogs in three days!

The thought is too cluttered, dammit.

First thing first. A few days back, I had merged three Blogger's blogs on graphics and photography into one common site [The Defying Moments]. And I have also created a new blog on haiku [Haiku Haiyoba]. These redesigning things have been quite fun, allowing me to dabble in Web page designing and Adobe Photoshop, with a little bit of Adobe InDesign.

I have focussed on a minimalist design for these two blogs: keeping back just the bare needs, and doing away the distractions. Keep the basic things neatly, maintain lots of rooms for development, and of course, for creating new banners and widgets; and at the same time, clear the mess.

And then I found the treasure. Check one of them here: The text are all here on In Pursuit of Freedom, but I have dressed it up in a new, exciting outfit. Check the design theme! I'll show you the other six when I'm done with them.

I was talking about hesitancy because is a copy-and-paste version of WordPress. Is it authentic — a collaboration type — is the question. Let's see. And I had been also struggling, working on WordPress, but now I feel like I know 80% of how things work there. The PHP, ASP and Java platforms still sound so Burmese, what I've understood is some basics about content management systems.

The triangular love story

Haiku Haiyoba: 
The tarzan's colourful collection of haiku

The Defying Moments: 
The troika... the sum of what I does not yet have, of what I could have

Language's the Medium: 
This is a collection of the rants I have posted here all along... missed the pictures!



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