I'm always on the run
Long time ago I ran away from home.

Now I run to live and I live to run
I run inside the pale blue dot
It was so small that I went to South Ex
In the evening I ran
The roadside park was too large
I found myself taking a nap
on a stone slab counting the stars
Only a dozen of them,
the neon sign boards blinded the other dots
It is just too far away we see only blinking dots
I find there are too many places
I see there are too many people
The dot is just the mind
If not, there are too many things.

I ran in the afternoon too
I ran to another park in Kilokri
I ran, I saw the kids playing cricket
I ran, I watched as the sweat bathed me.
A day is also gone to give the deads a company
Now I'm running again
Now I'm running to run again



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