He Deserves the Sun For He Is the Star

He Deserves the Sun For He Is the Star
Who deserves it?!
A manipulated image from Mary Read killing her antagonist.
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Our man knew the sole reason why he read and studied—why he shouldn’t, after all he had done nothing but went to his masters for 25 years religiously. And now he needs a job. And October seems just the right time.

Parents lecture why the kids should go to schools. Teachers profess the same reason in colleges. Universities, as well. The books maketh a man—a woman too, from the last century that we know from dusty books and preaching of the neighbourhood activists. The sole reason for reading and studying is to get a job. So that is it, this leafless season’s lesson.

Now the man goes to the pond to bath. The east side of the pond is for bathing. The west is for washing, the north for cleaning and the south for drinking. But the direction is of little use.

He has got his brownish pant ready. He has got his men’s shirt and his yellow tie. He has got his leather boot from Moreh. He could leave but he is just here. Just in case he misses something.

He Deserves the Sun For He Is the Star
‘S’ and ‘e’ are gone from the sale.
Do we need to bribe the letter masters?
The market has all kinds of stuff. Looks are deceptive and so is apparent here in this milieu. This is just picture perfect for decadence. Still the market has all kinds of works and jobs. The things people say is true. You are good if you can do good; and even better, if done better. As in the stuffs labelled with their prices, it's all fixed as well as discounted.

And our man can see different works and jobs. From a glance it was clear many soft hands have arranged different works and jobs with different prices and labels: This is for the school drop-outs. That is for the failed graduates. This is for the rich graduates from rich families. That is for the graduates who have come selling their ancestral fields. This is for the post graduates. That is for India. And thus the fathers fuck. And thus the mothers fuck.
He Deserves the Sun For He Is the Star
Yeah, he deserves it for he is the star.

We say there will be more jobs when the gunmen leave. We say it's all because of the hopeless masters. We say, in any case, there is a way with the wheel. In any way, our man is now ready to leave.

He has read, he has studied and he deserves it. He has been putting in all effort. For the surest result his parents had arranged, more orderly than the jobs in the market. So he has taken the recommendation—he can’t but only from his well-meaning folks. See there's no wrong and he has killed no men. And the job is so important. Don't worry about the genuine degrees and certificates.

A rich sheik will think twice before buying his luxury car. Should he buy it or get more amount and pay for his son’s job? Should he leave all the business and be the master in this hell? Should he buy and should he sell the jobs?

But this is the story of our man. The price tags are well too apparent. It will be embarrassing to ask again. Now he has to get what he deserves. Yeah, he deserves the sun for he is the star. Others just deserve a life of dignity.




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