In Pursuit of Truth

An edited screenshot from Google Maps

You cannot capture truth
You cannot in any medium
The philosopher tells the crowd,

A bird's eye view they would tell
The thought is as deep
As deep as poignant thoughts of a broken heart
As much as the thought of the masters
It is as deep as that
Oh, and their deep desire for deception
The truth is there
And it stays there
Hidden deep inside the back of mortal minds

And now, it is only a representation you are showing
A representation of truth and nothing more
And the wiseman concludes to a loud applause
And all the lies scattered; damn the representation
Like shits from 'round the entry to 'round the exit

The real truth is in the homes of the rich
Embellished in costly paintings on their walls;
The truth scents the doors of the powerful
Smell it, in the dogs that guard them, blank minds,
The idiots have found a mate in these dogs;
The truth reeks of scum
The police knows it, it's on their guns;
All the might has stolen all the truth;
All fake and all phony, let a miracle hides all.

And let me soar to the high heaven
Ev'n in the drought of truth there I can go
Far away from animals and all the evolution
Far away from all the fabrication.



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