Of Half Pant and Long Pant

Tell me not, your writing in gold, your way
Tell me my way, so mundane, is not yours
And we can live with that

There is no barricade, whatsoever in my way
And if I have to follow yours
And if it is so compulsory, I have to follow,
I will, with my heart and soul, till the end.

So should I?
Or, should I not?
And it’s all written everywhere
—Of what you follow even if I give not a damn.

Should I
Murder, loot, extort, do all shit and scat
And that's the way; we know that's the way—that’s our way!
But should that be always the only way?

Should I
Steal, make a fool of all?
—And live in high castles—
That's the order of the day; we know that is our way!

Now should I wear not
The half pant on eventful days
And be a trouble for the formality-loving folks
And wear the long pant any other day I wish?

I don’t kill or rape to go my way
Albeit I would not be half hearted to go fully yours;
And you most leave me not, halfway through.
If I have to, I have to—again with undivided energy

So let me live happy in ways flooded with warm spirits
Lead myself through lives and paths all good to all
And I’ll even buy my own half pant; and please help me not
And the story, I assure, will continue happily ever after.

You are what you wear. But what does it matter what I wear just because it’s like a tradition? For instance, on days of rites and rituals we wear pyjama that in wearing not, it hardly makes a difference. Bottomline: Society expects too much from the individuals. Give it where you can. And you can ignore some—after all, you are not the general manager of the universe.



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