A Favour Please, Pol Pot

On a request for a joyride

For we know not how
Know where, know what
When, and which
A clean slate promises
The dawn of hope

But you are just like our multiple kings
Only their names are not your name
Only they are stronger
As strong as the bank of a flooded river

In the past we proceed up to the Ningthi
Closer to your Hindu temples

In the present, up to New Delhi
Closer to offerings than the worshiping places

We might be going to Jupiter soon
Closer to extraterrestrial bullshits
Now the earth’s are so mainstream
Like your killing, like our killing
Death has so many loyal friends out here

In the lowest of your lowest pit
Give us some joyride
This favour, please; and for you
Take away the mushrooming hatred
Take it all — all’s just for you

Do you get the line
The clean slate re-promises?
You may deny but you did it
And we are impressed
Just this favour, please

We are loyal followers
The dogs be praised
There are many of us here.



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