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I have arrived this far
And I have to do you this favour
Of possessing you
If not thick the attaché is no empty now
How it used to be nothing in those old days;
As memories become treasures
Life, making a living

Money can’t buy us happiness,
Money can buy us a mike to announce
We need only happiness
We need only freedom
And we have to feed the poor
We might as well have to kill the poor
We need only the police to protect us

And when we have it enough
Let the the price of the masters be known;
We will get clean, dress neat, eat well
Visit the government assembly house a fine day
And buy one by one, all of them
And build a torture chamber for them
Let us not worry for their spouses and babies
We might just buy them at a discount

When we have it enough
We are going to buy fresh air
That reeks not of robbers and murderers
Unwashed genitals
Like it is now
Even among the verdure at the Langol foothills
The trees are screaming discrimination
The air reeks of revolution

When we have it enough
Let us burn every paise
When it’s enough
It’s not enough now
Something’s always been casting a shadow
It’s always them and their shits
Their shadow of shits hides we are always good naturally

- Concluded.

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