‘Suck’ in Five Parts


When in usual time we see the very special folks
There’s little to tell apart of them from you and I
When in usual time we see the bloodiest killers
There’s little to tell apart of them from our saviours
When in usual time we see the most merciless robbers
There’s little to tell apart of them from our masters
When in usual time we see the filth
There’s little to tell apart of killing because of looks


In the courthouse the lawyers broke the law
They were fucking up the already grave situations more
Yet their gods be pleaded; them be pardoned
It was only, just another day in the life of some refugees
When at the altar they were molested like always
What was done, was only inevitable
Hatred knows no face and we are just faceless
It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter what
All we can do is to wait for a billion patriots
Perhaps the prevailing candle-lit consciousness sympathises
And cry in the name of the country
As we wait for the next crime by looters and lawyers alike
The law is written in the colour of scum on blotting papers
No wonder the gun-toting scumbags excel
Its specialty is imposing black laws in our backyard
And all the while on the dais of justice
The compatriots fuck up with no remorse.


We are what we look like
We look like bastards
When we have the country


All the seconds
All the shots
All these scenes
All’s because we have different eyes,

But that was not the case
When fathers could not stop minding others’ businesses
And flash varying penises for the sake of the nation
Things could have been different like our noses
When mothers become one; one motherland for the patriots
Who guessed menopause never helps in battle cry

Pity that life is septic beyond the barbed wires
When it’s not even really mandatory
Take cue from businessmen in the Golden Triangle
Opium, masses, Marx: we have one more reason to be one
Alas the gods separate, not the superior faces
It’s so mandatory; ours can be less vocal, them’s louder
In the name of gods we could have submitted ourselves to torture
Legally for it sounds important
But no, we are only lost in relativity.
Suck. Suck it. Suck thi.


The shopkeepers, lordliness
The vegetable sellers, lordliness
The garbage collectors, lordliness
Then it is inexplicable
The lordliness of the rich and the powerful
And the buyers and their oppositions
From the mountains the lords can look down on
When actually taller mountains and flatter vales
From where the view is clearer
But then they have smaller eyes too small to see
And that’s the whole problem
And we are back to square one.
When in usual time there are differences galore
There’s a lot to tell apart of you from me



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