Daydream Blues

Hundred of thousands of people in the zoo
& a thousand more in the congested cages
The animals are already into the wild, where they belong to
& the faint clarion call of the animals buzzes

Pull together the remaining masses into a wildlife sanctuary
The hegemony of the wild world morons ends today
Maybe we have to negotiate with their gods logically
Albeit they are as many as the rebel groups in hills and mountains faraway

Silence. The dandies and wendies pay for their livelihood in millions
The runners in the Golden Triangle deal in billions
I might loot a while, and to further export and import, go to Thailand
I might as well live honourably far away from the zoological homeland

Between morality so holier-than-thou, and reality so eyesore-earhurting
A thick line of absurdity crawls and cringes
The joke’s on surviving
— Dreaming asses



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