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nobody’s wrong

            nobody’s wrong
            & if it does, it’s only the other side

nobody’s wrong & it’s no wonder
everybody’s fighting
perhaps it is the pride talking
when swords & daggers are not enough
but give our way to more ammo & killing machines
the superbia of faith & every other bloody groups
& we have grouped ourselves happily
perhaps it is the human nature talking,
this is why nobody’s wrong
it's all about the perspectives

            & nobody’s wrong
            & if it does, it’s only the other side

when the armymen kill the guerrillas
it is good for the country
they deserve a gallantry award
like their ilk always does by killing people
& when the rebels kill the armymen 
it is good for the imagined country too,
it is unclear if it is good for anyone
when at once we must tell,
any country should go fuck itself
there have been too much patronising

            & nobody’s wrong
            & if it does, it’s only the other side

the preacher arrives with half-baked ideas about monkeys
& but it’s okay when god’s always on his side — the gods are,
& he got the scriptures as well, in black & white
& he got descartes the believer to prove the point
i should add there are a billion places of worship to prove it
anyway it’s rocket science to understand those things,
still everybody’s right
even if the doubters start a revolution
there’s always one god more than them their numbers
but pity them the believers got no god for the doubters

            & nobody’s wrong
            & if it does, it’s only the other side

when the family man thinks only about his wife and kids
while his friends call him names
when the crowd burn down the state assembly building
while the gunmen shoot down the people randomly
nobody’s wrong, & if it does, it’s only the other side,
maybe the losers, bored with losses, will vanish for good
when we know where we come from
when we can move beyond the gods and countries
and certainly move beyond the stars that make us
still nobody’s wrong, even including modi and ibobi

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