For DND Flyway

Familiarity breeds tension
Amidst your chilly fragrance I feel your odour
And I’d slow down, not for the olfactory sensation
The closeness that a nonliving thing inspires
Even capitalisation of your name would hardly bring you to life
But in real, it was an accident that left me with no option

I’d suck a portion of juices out of the daily journey each morning
All along the world does become banal when we have so much of of it
But why are your fucking signboards bigger than my rental home?
And there are thousands of them
Each dying out from its campaign period regularly like short-lived insects
And the advertisers manage it well with graphics and lights

I’d rather seek for the beauty of nature
Tucked in a few corners that even you are hidden from
And the Yamuna, no match for the billboards now, shows
If artificial creation can be good, nature could be better
In rainy seasons, the water swells like an overeating python
Where do the low riverbank dwellers run for their lives?

All I do is to reach office on time and I ride along
For every arrival there is a departure
In the darkness on my way back in the name of duality
I could only imagine your magicking for the next day
I can sense it in the small reddish taillights of the plenty of speeding cars
But as always I’ll just drive away happily.



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