Straight from the Chimp’s Mouth

The chatty
Old lady mouths,
People and gods
They live together
But they split up
Because of people
They cussed a lot,
They still do
Loudly as ever,
She added.

Slinging the guns
They preached
The perfection of ideas
Of freedom
Of peace
Of justice,
One condition exists
Not to negotiate
The monetary demand
— Time is money
& Marx was just a poor German
Fock the socialists.

And amidst the tears
And the wails
The tenacious survivors:
Let us do
Buy if it’s on sale
Sell if there’s buying
Our wives or our husbands
Our lives or our bodies
Our hearts or our souls
From baby beds to deathbeds,
Let us vote
Even if there’s no candidate
It’s a different story
About those freebies
And free drinks
And our cobwebbed heads
And eternal damnation.

Inside the palaces
The kings & masters
Indulge & muse
— in saturnalia,
A world
Of scums
Of junks,
A country of puke.

I see no human
Now the lady’s been wrong
In this land
The might-is-right gang
The robbers’ gang
The killers’ gang
With common masks
Of those sane human
They have metamorphosed
Into gods
And goddesses
And there are animals
As well
Just like me, a chimp.

And what I long
And what I feel:
Even if I’m no human
This time
I'd be
In my next life
Let me hop
Skip & leap
For once let me yell
Call myself
A man,
A human being.



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