7:45 Morning

The world starts moving at 7 45 every morning
No god would make it as prompt as the bloody alarm clock does
The gods are busy listening to the believers’ demands
In January the world conspires to dismantle the air around us
It only leaves a day more to keep up with the demands of living
A moment at a time, as if it makes sense
Advertising billboards are more meaningful than life;
Long after Marx’s demise the workers have been united
Like the rebels’ factions for ridiculous peace accords in our town
For workers, to be on time, to be good, to be docile, to be good again
To beat the crap out of any sci-fi’s robot,
Only the rebels are still on the wrong side of Trotskyist routines;
Nobody cares when the fields have turned into artificial deserts
Or when fiddling coins meagrely save the faces of overused bank accounts
It’s going to be a long day
But the distance is so relatively close
Seeing the length between today and tomorrow
And we are occupied filling the emptiness of living
Robbers, the big-shots in the guise of rulers, do it much better
In the town it is as easy as filling, lining their own pockets
And we take a few steps closer from yesterday to a riverside crematorium
Gladly we carry on: Work is a spaceship to the land of hope
We might as well pay the insurance premium on time.


DESAM Pleads Against Ex-RIMS Director
(Source: The Sangai Express)
Imphal, January 28 2015: Saying that the recent move of the Health Ministry to allow Dr Sekharjit to re-join RIMS on certain terms when enquiries (Departmental and CBI) are going on in full swing will put a question mark on the sincerity of the Ministry which once took a strong decision to wipe out corruption from RIMS Imphal, the Democratic Students’ Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene and prohibit Dr Sekharjit from re-joining RIMS until the ongoing enquiries are fully completed.

. . . Dr Sekharjit has approached high officials in the Ministry and even used pressure techniques in various communication formats including email letter to the Prime Minister by impersonating himself as journalists or politicians so that he can be reinstated.

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