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Between the Past and the Present

A river flows right at the centre
And the two banks meet only in eternity,
That’s how this moment stands
Away from a moment ago;

The wheel of seconds and moments rotates endlessly,
A second before the long ennui
And the second after great motivation
It makes jumping over Earth a simple task;

A bullet in the loaded gun, a planted IED
An instant before firing and exploding,
But like the meaninglessness of gunmen and bombers
The thin line of coming apart is never clear;

It’s the second between life and death, setting the pace
For everything-two—it’s the moment between creation and destruction
In good times speak of its brightness
And almost kill oneself on the other side of the light source;

Between the one-moment past and one-second present,
History has been built from a milligram of memories at a time
Living has no essence, save that it moves—it’s just futile to dig further
Perhaps until the separation line tells us where we are exactly in the present.


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