Nongmaijing 1/3: F******* for Peace?

It may seem ironical to choose the better option of the two, for both need a complete change of living and dying, unlike in the contemporary mess in the town, where newspeople say we are lucky if we are alive. These are not the best of time for us, but fortunately, we do have a choice! And politically speaking, if we were merged into a union through paperwork, then the solution whatsoever it may be, lies in paperwork only. Rebel leaders would clamour they are not waging war against the state, but are fighting for a lost sovereignty. They might as well see that fighting for such a cause has cost us five decades, such a long time and a number of precious lives, not to mention the gross decadence of the society. We cannot live in a conflict situation forever. By the way, F is for fuck.

Nongmaijing 1/3: F******* for Peace?



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