Uninvited Design: Hollywood in Meiteilon

Do you know the Hindi channel which broadcast only dubbed movies? UTV Action? It makes the most serious Star Wars into comedies, not because of any other reason but for the ridiculous dialogues in Hindi. Pathetic. For the sake of some humility, let us agree that it can show what it wants. I think the condition would be no different if the movies are dubbed in my native tongue, Meiteilon. This is no pessimism but practical thoughts. We boast of being amongst only the couple of regions with an established film industry in the volatile Northeast region of India bordering Myanmar. However, it is still in a formative period.

This is a collection of graphics created out of the love for language and Photoshop. The Godfather cannot be a Laipa, which is a transliteration of the original title but I have tried to retain, except again in Nymphomaniac and Peeping Tom, the exact meaning of the names. From the lot, the Leirang Amasoong Lamsha is the best wrt the title. In a way, these are not film posters but an illustration of the titles.      



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