Epiphany on a Rainy Day in March

Deal with it
When I woke up, the dreams of happiness and everything cease
Some traces of bits and pieces are all I’m left with
Would I ever ask for its protraction into reality
—I’m told it’s like the ideals for a perfect nation, impossible
I’m told I have to deal with it.

Deal with it, nothing is scripted like in the believers’ world
Oh and it’s alright that they are killing in the name of gods

It’s alright to lose your father; it ought to be any day, anyhow
It’s alright to lose your friend, no matter how close you were
It’s alright that refugee camps are mushrooming and it happens everywhere
It’s alright the Janus-faced authorities are fucking each other up
It’s alright the government is killing people
Acceptance is the balance just as it is in curing addiction .

Maybe it’s not alright but that’s how things are: deal with them
Maybe it’s alright—still deal with them
Rationality is just a decorative item of civilisation
Insanity is just a blood relative. Deal with it.



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