Top Grossing Hollywood Movies in 2014

If we go by popular taste, we can say the Godfather trilogy is the biggest flop in the history of cinema. It is not, but the trend of cinema choice shows it might be true, in case we care to believe it because that is the the majority’s verdict. And if we go by the gross revenue and profit, we have here the top ten highest grossing movie of 2014 in Hollywood. I have watched only Interstellar and Maleficent from the list and I don’t even care to watch the other superheroes’, graphic-novel-style and fantasy movies. With all regards, pop culture is just too noisy and superficial, however in the same breath, I would admit it is indeed interesting to observe the latest trends to catch up with the ever-evolving time. The condition is worse in Bollywood. With each film becoming a part of the so-called 100-Crore Club, a piece of humanity dies from sheer absurdity. Here’s the 2014 collection distilled into a pie chart, an area graph and a bar graph:


Now more than ever we need to talk to each other, to listen to each other and understand how we see the world, and cinema is the best medium for doing this.

BREAKING NEWS: Around Rs 5.51 crore allocated for repairing 150 CCTV cameras and expanding its coverage area 

Source: Imphal Free Press
Imphal, March 2: The State finance department has allocated Rs 5.51 crores for repairing the 150 CCTV cameras in Imphal and to expand the areas they cover, stated Chief Minister Okram Ibobi in the fourth day of the 10th session of the 10th Manipur Legislative Assembly today.

It was not working in the first place and they are repairing now! DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!



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