More Robotic Weekday Flowcharts

And as we have in our native expression when you have been spending a lot of time on a particular activity, I'm smelling of flowcharts.

This is the second time I am dealing with flowcharts in my life. The first instance was in my high school. It was a nightmare with Mathematics in those days and trigonology trigonometry almost killed me. Surely times have changed now that I can look into a stuff like flowchart from a, entirely new perspective. Mostly I use Photoshop CS5, except in cases when I have to create big banners, which I do it on Illustrator. I hardly use the latter but I have found it is indeed much smoother for smaller graphics too. I have used Illustrator CS6 to create this collection and the previous post, Robotic Weekday Flowcharts.

NOTE: This is an edited version of The Triangular Cycle of a Worker 

Yes or no?



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