Kaalen Haiku Kandrang Haiku

My eyes had seen it
And nobody believed it,
My life’s illusion.

The masters and slaves
The gunmen and crap-nations,
Bland haiku and I.

Always the bright side:
The cats face the sun promptly,
The gods toward gold.

As if one’s not nuff
As if a thousand would do,
Factions and schism.

The shooting squad stands
With eyes blindfolded, mouth gagged;
Guiltless captives flee.

What do you call them,
Folk with butts on their faces?
MLAs, my friend.

What’s the difference
Mercenaries and robbers?
Ask our government.

Thieves kill the rebels
Then hitmen kill the thieves
Hail the killer-king!

Today it’s Patsoi
Last night it was Sagolband,
The cycle rides on.

An eye for an eye
A bullet for a bullet,
Your wonderful world.

Selfless—the wise men preach love;
Yongchaak and my girl.

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