Irony in May

The Indians have a hard-on for both temples and mosques
The Americans yonder from Europe hate the immigrants
The army dies for civic action programmes
A doctor was hospitalised; overdosed in junk at BOC
The experts gathered at a five-star hotel to preach on poverty
The godman was accused of raping his disciples
And all I want is love and all I do is hate.            7

The thief is the killer
The killer is the politician
The politician is the ruler
The ruler is the ringmaster
The ringmaster is the thief,
And all I dream is to kill them
And all I think about is mayhem
And all I long for is nonviolence.                15

The soldiers are gunmen, the gunmen the soldiers
The rebels are businessmen, the businessmen the rebels
The judges are the executioners, the executioners the judges
The leaders are the liars, the liars the leaders
The people are animals, but the animals are not people
And all I try is to become an animal
And all the animals are reluctant to take me in
And all the animals are becoming more rational but me
I see reason in living no more and am I afraid of death.        24



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