Nungsijao Haiku

Tomorrow’s all set
It will come with new stories
New love and all new

I waited for you
Like Thibobi waits for funds
—Do nothing but wait

I have lost my way
I might defeat Sisyphus
Now nothing matters

It’s pain or pleasure
And halfway a tedious life
Seek only pleasure

Alas! There’s no rule,
I long to value my love;
The days, depressing

Love is a junk shot
Kill yourself, destroy yourself
Live for living’s sake

A shot a day a
Drink a day, a loss a day
The crisis breaks loose

Heroin or whisky
Imagine love or just show
You only live once

Cold, atop the hills
Hungry, way down the valley
Let’s flee to the Moon

If only you are
Happy, if not only you
Visit Sadness-lane

Agony and me
Aimless and us; nihilists
Suffering’s meanings

I skipped lunch for you
Even the morning toilet
And you left alone

When you’re angry
I can understand your rant
Do take a deep breath

And I surrender
I take refuge in your world
Pity homelessness


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