on the new kingdom of ants

march the ants, march, together
march across vales and over the hills
until the army of ants reaches
the destination
of sheer desolation
and them they yell this is the start

the ants sing the song of freedom
the ants have a new anthem
and the indian king would appreciate them
for all the troubles of starting authentic
the ant-activists know it
the ant-artists know it

and them they sing aloud
freedom is here, shout
freedom has embraced us
in the new shithole-shelter
in the centre now the ants stand
and them they sing this is the start

the ants march
the songs of freedom echo in the mountains
the kingdom them only know, others not
the universe is self-sufficient
the army of ants is just the proof
the ants march to the rhythm of stomping army boots

Text from Psychology for Social Change: Strategies That Work
Psychologists for social responsibility



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