Eternal Lovebirds

Design notes:
  • Star-crossed lovers from classic literature, folklore/folktales, myths, paintings, films and popular cultures from across the world
  • Thirty-five pairs of couples who took PDA to a new high. Everybody knows about them, what they were up to and how their emotions and sentiments for each other destroy their lives.  
  •  The most common words across the world are Ma and Pa or the variants of these two terms. Globally, another similarity is in the stories of lovers, who in the most tragic ways, lost their lives, sacrificed everything, stayed apart not for hostility but for the sake of love and so on. 
  • I could not find any African story, except for the unconfirmed Kintu and Nambi, the Ugandan tale. Other missing continents include Australia and South America. I believe Africa and South America must have more stories of this sort. For Australia, Foster’s beer and kangaroos don’t make a good love story and they seem to have left all the stories to their European siblings.


Lovebirds featured above:

a      Abélard & Héloïse (French)
b      Bonnie & Clyde (English/American)
c      Deirdre & Naoise (Irish)
d      Khamba Thoibi (Manipuri)
e      Heer Ranjha (Punjabi)
f      Helena & Paris (Greek)
g      Hellelil & Hildebrand (Irish)
h      Khun Phaen Wanthong (Thai)
i      Kinnara & Kinnari (Shan/Khmer)
j      Layla Majnun (Persian)
k      Liang Zhu (Old Chinese)
l      Muna Madan (Nepali)
m     Odysseus & Penelope (Greek)
n      Paolo & Francesca (English/British)
o      Pocahontas & John Smith (English/American)
p      Pyramus & Thisbe (Latin)
q      Romeo & Juliet (English/British)
r      Salim & Anarkali (Urdu)
s      Sassui Punnhun (Sindhi)
t      Scarlett O’Hara & Rhett Butler (English/American)
u      Lancelot & Guinevere (Welsh)
v      Tristan & Iseult (French/Cletic)
w      Tum Teav (Khmer)
x      Zhinü Niulang (Old Chinese)

 And the story goes on...


Anakin Skywalker & Padmé Amidala (English/American)
Cleopatra & Antony (Greek/Roman)
Kintu & Nambi (Swahili)
Yusuf & Zulaikha (Persian/Urdu)

Khamba Thoibi is the most popular tale of love but we have more Manipuri lovebirds:


Henjunaha & Leima Lairuklembi
Kadeng Thangjahanba & Tonu Laijinglembi
Khuyol Haoba & Yaithing Konu
Panthoibi & Nongpok Ningthou
Phouoibi & Akongjamba
Ura Naha Khongjomba & Pidonnu
Wanglen Pungdingheiba & Sappa Chanu Silheibi

- Concluded.



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