my tribesmen’s tale 3: déjà vu

there’s a feeling;
was the highway closed at gunpoint before?
was there a series of sit-in protests earlier?
are we in 2001? 2004?
aye, 2015, it is!

in any time
have the streets ever been filled
with carnation pink and pure white,
and processions of people aplenty, all pale
yet indignant deep down;
while without warning
blank firing beats the shit out of every panic-stricken mortals
and whatsoever was left from the debris of humanity?

on any day
has there been any hope
during the great tragic times of our lives
the masters would become saviours
tho’ it’s known, it’s confirmed as always,
nothing, as hopes are erased, will be coming our way,
while to each his own the mind is made up
and look forward to, nay, it is all settled for attack or assault?

have we met before?



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