Lit Titbit: A Poster Series on Old Literary Works in Manipuri

Design notes:
 ➀    A list of notable literary works in Manipuri, or Meeteilon from ancient and medieval periods
 ➁    A society is known by its literature
 ➂    Old literature before the onslaught of Hinduism, the infamous burning of puyas plus the imposition of Bengali language and faith
 ➃    Major motifs in the early Manipuri literature (loinasillon/khorjeilon) in both prose and poetry include ritual hymn, cosmogony, history, emotions, royal reminiscences, personification of nature and folktales etc.
 ➄    Critics would claim we can never find political solutions with those arguments of the past. (Yes, even the Nagas and Kukis have discovered their unique histories—the Meiteis have no history, they were just fucking around the Imphal and Nambul rivers. Sources: Govt of India, Govt of Manipur, Intelligence Bureau, Research & Analysis Wing, All Shitty Students’ Union of Manipur Hills, All-Imphal-Valley Forlorn Students’ Organisation and Dung CSO). This graphic recollection, however, is just one of the minor personal and apolitical steps towards seeing clearly our own collective lives.

Works cited above:

Panthoibi Khongul (Undated BCE)
Nongshaba Laihui (Undated BCE)
Sakok Lairamlen (Undated BCE)
Poireiton Khunthokpa (3rd century)
Kangla Haoba (5th century)
Loyamba Shinyen (11th century)
Naothingkhong Phambal Kaba (16th century)
Khagemba Yumlep (16th century)
Cheitharon Kumbaba

Numit Kappa (Undated)
Ougri (Leiroi Ngongloi Eshei) (Undated)
Hijin Hirao (Undated)       
Khencho (Undated)
Sana Lamoak (6th or 7th century)
Ahonglon (11th century)
Khoiju Lamoak (12th century)    
Ningthouron (17th century)



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